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Music was always a main focus around my family. My Dad played a lap steel with a little Hawaiian show group in Chicago, and also a 6 string electric when they first came on the market. My Mom sang with the Chicago Opera Co., And was featured in several productions, one as the star lyric soprano on the opera, “Madam Butterfly”. I knew the melody of One Fine Day, long before I heard “Jail House Rock”. Several of the songs on this album are about my friends from the past and present, and they never cease to provide me with new material to write about.
GOLDA’S SONG is about a wonderful lady who was a very close friend of my Mother. They had a large farm just down the road from our house near Mahomet Illinois. It was a fun place to play and grow up. Her daughter, Sandy, and I spent many fun hours down along the Sangamon River, riding our trusty steed “Chocolate”, shooting holes with our BB guns in every leaf and pop can we could find. Maybe some of the truths in this tune will help you “Slow down, enjoy the dance” when you’re rushing to trying to stay even in the game of life.

I've written 9 original songs on his album, "A Little Bit Country". They are unique ballads about life and friends from different phases of my life and times. All songs were produced at my recording studio, VECTOR STUDIOS in Laguna Niguel California where I do voice-over work as well. My group, The Other Band is currently playing casual gigs, in the form of weddings, parties, and events, in the local areas of Orange County and Los Angeles Ca. I also performs as a One Man Band, using a digital drummer that has sequenced bass patterns giving the sound of an actual 3 piece band and play harmonica along with it, so he creates 4 actual instrumental sounds. When you add to this mix of instruments the amazing guitar I use called a GUITORGAN, you get a 5th sound of an actual organ. The entire package of entertainment is great for small gatherings, and parties where cost, and available space are of major consideration. If music is not on your list of desired entertainment, I do a stand-up comedy act that is hilarious, and keeps the crowd in "Bent over stitches" as it has been described by many who've seen it.
Since I have been a professional photographer for 20 or more years, I've also been hired to do the still photography at a party and can supply the host with a CD of the photos before leaving the event. My felling is, “Why just stand around on my break when I could be taking pictures of everyone adding to the fun!”

SAILING, tells about some of my friends in Marina del Rey, California. Don and Nancy Clark I must thank for many fun hours aboard their boat, the Midnight Contessa. It was always a fun adventure heading out to Catalina Island or to Redondo Beach for brunch, with all the interesting characters aboard for the trip. Edson Stroll who was a regular on McCales Navy for 5 years, has been a tremendous help to me in developing my “Signature voice” for singing and voice-over commercials, and for introducing me to Don and Nancy. Jimmy Bovie, has been a great friend, and shared my love of fast cars, and boats. When I worked for the Vector Aeromotive Corp. He was always wanting a ride in the Vector. I regret the company closed before I could take him a spin. I would love to hear your comments, and any feed-back on this album.

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ONE MAN BAND - Quick Time Movie

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YA gotta see this before you go hiring a big expensive band for your party. If it's dance music you want jump to, or snuggle your honey with, you need give this a shot! Roger knows scads of tunes to get you going and rock'in into the night...or afternoon. Just click on the picture for a 6 minute demo of him playing the amazing GUITORGAN (A guitar with all the electronics of a big organ as well as a fine guitar) at a local fishing club awards dinner. He also has digital bass and drums, while playing harmonica along with it all! If you can't open the file click on the alternate You Tube link, the resolution is not as good, but you can still view it. one man band

ONE MAN BAND QUICK DEMO Here's another example of Roger and his digital drummer/bass player doing a 6 minute run-through of just some of the songs that make up his repertoire. This will give you a cross section of his material minus many Jimmy Buffett songs. You can click on the photo at right or just the link on this title. When you're short on available space or available CASH for a full band, give roger a chance to liven up your party or gahtering without costing you a "Bundle". Please feel free to call for open dates in relationship to parties, corporate events, fund raisers, chili cook-offs and a host of events that might need a "Jump start" to get the party started! Depending upon the event or fund raiser he may be interested in a donation of some music and public address system for your event. Email:

Don't have Quick Time Movie go to the following YOUTUBE LINK

Check out one of my original songs about a couple that meet and take each other for a ride! It's it's a fun little ballad called RIDING DOUBLE - Click HERE!


GUITAR - Playing guitar was my first learing experience in 1961. My Dad was a good player with a focus on jazz, and big band tunes. He and his side of the family were all musical, and he used to play the songs from the 30s & 40s so he taught me my first chords and scales, of which I practiced insescently until I was good enough to from my own little band of kids at school. As the years went by I learned more and more, and started a groupcalled "The Wild Bunch" at Illinois State Universitybass player.

BASS GUITAR - Our bass player owned a music store, and was such an awesome guitar player that I picked up the bass and in a month learned all the songs we did so he could play guitar. I enjoyed bass so much that I built my ability up to being able to sing and play at the same time which as anyone will tell you, on bass that's a trick. Now I enjoy playing bass as much or more, that playing the lead instrument, letting someone else play lead and sing lead and BE leader.

HARMONICA - In playing my own "One man band" show if found it was a great asset to play harmoncia along with guitar, so I purchase 4 chromatic harmonicas ($100 ea.) in the major keys, and now am able to put a lot more music into any situation.

KEYBOARD - I took piano at a young age and learnd basic concepts of the 88s but do not consider myself enough of a pro to use it in a paid performance, I can chord along with most songs, and am learning more each day.

PEDAL STpedal steel guitarEEL - You can hear my abilities on pedal steel on my album "A Little Bit Country" but as of now I don't own one but still have the chops to put in afew decent licks every now and then. It's my goal to get back on the steel again and enjoy filling in the gaps with some tastie licks and leads.

Below is a PLAYER device (in case you don't have your own player) you can listen to a section of some of the songs, enjoy!